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Withya Group provides access to the key elements of entrepreneurial success:

  • Infrastructure
  • Guidance
  • Capital investment
  • Far reaching experience
  • Mentorship expertise
  • Industry insight
  • Customers acquisition
  • Assembling the team

We at Withya are set out to encourage a culture of entrepreneurship in India . We incubate talent to build successful & financially robust companies for the global village.

Investment Model

  • During incubation Withya Group will hold a certain equity and the remaining equity will rest with the entrepreneurial team
  • Withya group would find entrepreneurial talent and help in incubating this talent.
  • During incubation, Withya Group would ideally fund the first year salary of the entrepreneurial team
  • Withya Group provides the entrepreneurial team with infrastructure for the first year of incubation
  • Withya Group provides the first six months of working capital to the entrepreneurial team
  • Withya Group uses its industry contacts and help the entrepreneurial team in investments
  • Withya Group helps the entrepreneurial team in finding the right employee talent for the entrepreneurs


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