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1. The HR Fund www.thehrfund.com
The HR Fund is an investment company that funds HR companies in India. The Fund currently is one of the largest shareholder of an HRO company called PeopleStrong. The fund's focus is to bring "Best in Class" HR ideas and practices in India, Sub-continent and Middle-East.
2. PeopleStrong www.peoplestrong.com
PeopleStrong is a global human resources outsourcing and consulting firm delivering a complete range of integrated services to help companies manage their total HR and employee costs, enhance HR services, and improve the quality of human resource.
3. Createum www.createum.com
Createum is an environmentally conscious land development company. We focus on leveraging green building practices and high performance building technologies to build healthier and environmentally sound communities and workplaces for the future.


1. White Light Café www.whitelightcafe.com
White Light Café is not-for-profit venture of Withya Group. Its vision is to inspire an individual to become self-aware.


1. WithyaDirect  
WithyaDirect was merged into a US entity, Aaahaa.com. It was a premier provider of digital media services to the TV, Cable, and Telecom operators in India . WithyaDirect was founded by successful entrepreneurs, with international business experience including US, India and China .
2. Withya Technologies  
Withya Technologies had management buyout in 2005. It was a technology outsourcing company catering to Small and Mid-Sized companies in USA.
DIGIQOM had management buyout in 2008. It is a marketing outsourcing company. It offers innovative marketing solutions that enable organizations get their brand and marketing message out in ads, online campaigns, websites, events, to the target audience.
4. Adroit Quest  
AdroitQuest was folded into PeopleStrong in 2008. It was a global executive search and talent acquisition company delivering a complete range of integrated recruitment services to help companies manage their recruitment process, cost, and improve the quality of talent search.
5. TalentPact  
TalentPact was merged in PeopleStrong in 2008. It was a Technology company focused on developing innovative and nexgen products for Talent Maximization.



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