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Withya is for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

Our Vision is to incubate 50 Entrepreneurs and help them create truly global companies

Our Mission

  • Drive Innovation
  • Incubate Entrepreneurs
  • Bridge Knowledge Gap in Global Economies

Our Inspiration

  • Withya Group is a global enterprise, inspired by the wisdom of self-aware leaders

Our Value Proposition

  • Help entrepreneurs incubate ideas and get them funded.
  • Help investors find quality entrepreneurs.

Our Ecosystem

  • Withya Group is our endeavor to create employment
  • Entrepreneurial Café is our endeavor to impart Indian entrepreneurs with the basic theory of building businesses
  • White Light Café is our endeavor to impart training to entrepreneurs to find bigger meaning of life. We hope to train the human mind to see the realms beyond business

Our Core Values

  • Truthfulness
  • Decisiveness
  • Humility
  • Fearlessness

Our Stakeholders


  • Successful entrepreneurs struggling to take their companies global
  • Successful managers in large corporate looking to start their own companies


  • Successful ideas from developed nations
  • Students who have passion for entrepreneurship


  • Angel Investors
  • Venture Capitalist

Our Partnerships

  • Universities
  • Investors
       Venture Capital Funds
       High-net-worth individuals
       Angel Investors
  • Banks
  • Trade Associations
  • Media



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