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What Entrepreneurs seek

  • Focus in Own Business while keeping in line with the global market place
  • Strategize real time against competitive realities
  • Channels of selling products / services the unknown is larger than the known share of the pie How to reach that unknown
  • Putting together a team that's world class in the true sense of word & spirit
  • Insights from experienced & seasoned veterans to sail thru rough weather strategize on vertical & lateral diversification in case of need & demand.
  • Last but most important binging in the MONEY setting the cash flow until break even, planning for the rainy days and managing the perpetual expenses.

What Investors seek

  • Due diligence on the prospective entrepreneur/innovator
  • Pre-screening in an appropriate method
  • Getting connected to the right market, the key people and innovative ideas
  • Equity in the business the investor is intending to investing in
  • An opportunity to share their success by helping others as investors, advisors, mentors
  • Potential Portfolio Diversification
  • Opportunity to invest in a high quality & profitable deal

Our Value Proposition

  • Help entrepreneurs incubate ideas and get them funded.
  • Help investors find quality entrepreneurs & the right deal
  • The unique partnership allows investors and portfolio companies to draw upon and leverage the resources essential to rapid growth
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